Are Raspberry Ketones a Scam? Do They Help You Get Into Ketosis?

Just because the word ketone is in the name, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with ketosis or the ketogenic diet. In fact, ketone is actually just the name of an organic structure. Raspberry ketones have been marketed as a fat-burning supplement that will help you lose weight, but the scientific evidence has something else to say. What Are Ketones? The term ketone describes organic molecules that have a carbonyl group bonded to two hydrocarbons (R2C=O). Ketones are made through the oxidation of a secondary alcohol. Ketogenesis describes the process of generating ketone bodies. 2 acetyl-CoA are converted into acetoacetyl-Coa via the enzyme thiolase. HMG-CoA synthase enzyme catalyzes its conversion into B-hydroxy-B-methylglutaryl-CoA (HMG-CoA). HMG-CoA Lyase then catalyzes the conversion of HMG-CoA into acetoacetate. Acetoacetate can then be converted into acetone or BHB. What Ketones Are Produced In Ketosis? Besides while breastfeeding (babies are keto), humans utilize glucose as a primary energy source. Glucose is primarily obtained through the consumption and breakdown of carbohydrates ( aka glycolysis). Glucose can also be obtained from non-carbohydrate sources
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