Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise on the Keto Diet?

If you’re just starting out on your health journey, simply the idea of hitting the gym may evoke feelings of intimidation, dread, and fear. And that alone can convince you to throw in the towel before you’ve even begun. The good news? You can drop the pounds eating a ketogenic diet without having to break a sweat because good health is based on what happens in the kitchen. Read on to find out how you can lose weight without exercise while on the keto diet. How Do I Get Started on the Ketogenic Diet?     The key to the ketogenic diet is achieving the metabolic state of ketosis at which point your body burns stored fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. As a result, you lose body fat and, as an added bonus, research shows your mood improves. To reach ketosis, getting the right balance of macronutrients (aka macros)—carbs, protein, fats—is essential. Because that looks different for every person, a good place to kickstart going keto is calculating the optimal breakdown specific to you. Roughly speaking,
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