Is Keto a Fad Diet? Why You Might Be Wrong

You’ve probably heard that keto is just a new and trendy fad diet. But is this claim true? Every single new type of dietary lifestyle goes through the process of approval – is it a reliable way of eating or is it just another trend that will leave our hopes for better health in the dust? The same thing happened when ketogenic became more and more popular in the past few years. Some medical and nutrition professionals have very polarizing opinions on whether or not keto should be accepted into the mainstream. Celebrities began to try out the keto diet too, which made it much more popular as well. And unfortunately, many scammers tried to capitalize on the popularity of low-carb diets as well.   What Is A Fad Diet? Fad diets are usually classified as diets that promise quick and easy weight loss. This usually doesn’t work in the long run and oftentimes leaves you depleted in nutrients. Fad diets temporarily work by altering calorie consumption. For example, a grapefruit-only diet is a fad
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