What Are Ketones Exactly?

Ketones are commonly associated with the ketogenic diet, but the term ketone actually describes a specific structure of an organic molecule. If ketone is a chemistry term, you might be wondering what exactly are ketones and what they have to do with ketosis. Let’s go over it! What are Ketones in Chemistry? In chemistry, the term ketone describes a function group that has a carbon double bonded to an oxygen and two R groups, as shown below (R2C=O). The simplest ketone is acetone which has the structure CH3-CO-CH3. Ketones are water-soluble, more reactive than aldehydes, and have a boiling point higher than aldehydes. What are Ketones In Reference to the Ketogenic Diet? When someone is talking about ketones in the context of the keto diet, they are referring to ketone bodies that can be used as fuel for the body. There are two different types of ketones: endogenous ketones and exogenous ketones. Endogenous Ketones These ketones are produced within the human body. Humans produce three different ketones: acetone, acetoacetate, and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). BHB is produced
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