What is Chicory Root? Is It Keto?

Root vegetables such as potatoes, beets, carrots, and many others are usually a “no-no” on the ketogenic diet. They are high in carbs and eating just one, depending on its size, may kick you out of ketosis quickly. But what is chicory root and is it keto? Read on to find out! What Is Chicory Root? Chicory goes by many names – from blue dandelion to cornflower and wild endive. Without the leaves, the chicory root has been cultivated in Europe for a very long time as a coffee substitute. Its roots can be baked, roasted, ground, and used as an additive to coffees. Its taste is kind of woody and thanks to the amount of dietary fiber it contains, it’s not broken down in the small intestine. Instead, it travels to your large intestine and colon. It’s known as a soluble fiber, which helps eliminate cholesterol from our bodies and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Ever heard of radicchio or endives? Those are the leaves. The root is simply called chicory root. What Is
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