Your Brain Controls Hunger More Than Your Stomach

Hunger can be a limiting factor to the success of any diet. This is the reason why self-control is often one of the most important characteristics for someone who demonstrates robust results while on a diet.While many people have the self-control to manage hunger and prevent overeating, others do not. This is due to the power of the brain and its ability to manage our eating tendencies. What is it about the brain that controls our hunger? The Brain and HungerThe hypothalamus of the brain is the center for hunger/satiety (fullness) control. The foods we eat as well as the hormonal responses in our body can interact with this portion of the brain and cause us to feel either hungry or full. In a healthy person, this is regulated by the demands of the body.One of the oldest theories on how this is regulated is the glucostatic theory, which states that as blood glucose decreases, as it typically does between meals, receptors in the brain receive signals to stimulate appetite. [1]The other macronutrients (protein and fat), as well as total

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